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Not Your Norm 'Wayfarer' Hank
Not Your Norm 'Wayfarer' Hank
Not Your Norm 'Wayfarer' Hank

Not Your Norm 'Wayfarer' Hank

Not Your Norm
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Not Your Norm 'Wayfarer' Hank
Handmade by Not Your Norm 

A double sided 11.5" x 11.5" handmade handkerchief. Soft to the touch yet durable. This hank has shades of grey plaid flannel backed with a dark grey flannel material. All Not Your Norm hanks are handmade in the USA by a retired Navy Veteran.

We focus on great quality and craftsmanship. Our hanks have a 4 thread overlock stitch and reinforced corners creating a stronger more durable hank. We've also added a perimeter stitch and diagonal quilters' stitch. Carry your Not Your Norm hank with pride and know that it will stand up to the daily rigors of life!

Each hank is shipped with a certificate of authenticity and an Every Day Norm Fist Bump Sticker! Stickers measure roughly 4.5" x 3.25"

Meet the Maker
"It may sound funny but in the process of finding a sense of purpose, I found Handkerchiefs." - Norm Smith, Not Your Norm 

Not Your Norm is owned by 
Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer Norm Smith. A lifelong maker/crafter, Norm has always loved figuring things out, and teaching himself new things. So it was no surprise to Norm's wife Cindy when he told her he wanted to tinker with his mom’s old sewing machine and make some nice Every Day Carry (EDC) handkerchiefs. Norm was looking for an outlet, a hobby. Something that would allow him to be creative, and work with his hands. Something to keep his mind busy, and could be passionate enough about to maybe start a business of his own. After retiring from the US Navy, Norm was looking to find his sense of purpose again. 

"Our path through life has not been “The Norm" but we wouldn’t change a thing. I would think that those who would put one of our hanks in their back pocket, find themselves living in a similar “Not Your Norm” way. Our hanks are not the thin cotton squares your grandpa used to blow his nose with or the satin hanky with a rose embroidered in the corner from your great aunts purse. Not Your Norm hanks are stylish, quality built, ready to take on the day handkerchiefs."